– Did you know that the number of users of the Facebook Messenger App is projected to go from 1.3 billion users to 2.4 billion in the next 3 years?

– Did you know that there are more people actively using the Messenger app than Instagram and Twitter combined?

– Did you know that you can build a Messenger list and an email list at the same time, send out broadcast messages to both, and dramatically increase your sales using Multi-Channel Marketing?

– And did you know that less than 1% of marketers are currently using Messenger to promote their business.

As you can see the opportunity is huge. That’s why I’m so excited about tomorrow’s free class.

My buddy Ron has not only figured out a clever way to use Messenger to automate his sales process, he’s also discovered how to monetize it without annoying people.

In fact, he even showed his newbie wife how to do it and she’s now generating an extra $1,000 to $2,500 a week in her spare time.

You’re going to trip when you see how easy this is.

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